The School and Facilities

School Administration Block School Administration Block

School Library
BSS has the new modern school library in order to provide the resources and materials to our students, as well as instruction in their use, which will support and enhance the instructional program of the school and serve the needs of the school community.
BSS library contains one of the best and up-to-date book collections in different fields. The library is well equipped with a collection of books, textbooks, educational software, digital materials like DVDs and CDs and newspapers in all relevant fields of study. The total stock of the library system is over 100,000 volumes catering for all the subjects conducted at the school.

Science laboratories
BSS Science departments are well equipped with Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories with all modern and excellent equipment for demonstration, experimentation and project work for O-level and A-level students. Our science laboratories have the best facilities available to its students, which makes it different from the other schools in the United Republic of Tanzania.
BSS science laboratories are designed, equipped and built according to the required specifications and safety norms of a standard science laboratory which helps students to work effectively and enabling them to understand the various aspects of Science.

Computer laboratory
BSS is aware of this modern age of rapid technology growth, we see a world which is more connected than ever before. BSS has the modern computer laboratory equipped with modern LCD computers which helps students to increase their ICT skills, Increase the use of outside resources, Learning of real world technical skills, improve the quality of their work and accomplishing more complex work.
BSS students get an access and improve their skills on the use of digital materials like e-books, educational software, DVDs and CDs. Students can learn through multimedia which will help them to see the real appearance of the teaching aid and increase their subject understanding.

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