Sustainable Fuel for Schools - Pelletised Wood Replaces Coal

Pelletised Wood Replaces Coal

Pelletisation of wood waste has the potential to create a high-quality, marketable product from waste sawdust and shavings and agricultural and municipal waste.

In this paper, a community project to convert school central-heating systems from burning fossil fuels, such as coal, to wood pellets is described. As wood pellets are produced from waste sawdust and shavings originating from sustainable forest products, they are a renewable fuel and considered to be carbon neutral, i.e., unlike coal, combustion does not lead to a net increase in CO2 in the atmosphere.

The additional benefits of wood pellets as compared to coal are:

  • Less particulate emissions (ash <0.5%, no sulphur) leading to cleaner air.
  • Cleaner handling
  • Less maintenance of boilers
  • Reduced ash and ease of disposal (can be used as compost on gardens).
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