Message from the founder

Baobab Secondary School is ranked as one of the best 50 secondary schools in Tanzania. National Examination Council tables regularly put BSS in the top 3 schools in Pwani Region, which is a testament to the commitment and dedication of all those involved since its foundation in 2005.

H. R SwaiThe school grew out of the success of Shajar Schools Association (SSA) , which was founded earlier in 2004 and went on as an NGO to cater specifically for girl's secondary education at O level and A level.

Like most independent fee-paying schools baobab Girl's Secondary School enjoys the strong support of parents who believe in excellence through hard work and dedication.

The school is managed by dedicated professional staff under the auspices of the Baobab Secondary Schools Management team and the school board and dependent solely on fees and contributions from patrons and donors.

Good education is essential for all children to enable them to live, study and work for their future and the country as a whole. Here at BSS, our aim is to provide them with an understanding of BSS that prepares them to excel in higher education and contribute to the wider world. This is increasingly relevant given the present global situation.

I hope you find this website informative and useful in deciding on the next stage of your daughter's education. If you have chosen to entrust BSS with your beloved child's education, as I did, you will find, in addition to academic achievement.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees,
Baobab Secondary School.
H. R. Swai

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